IMCAS 2018

Chirurgie plastica cosmetica

  01.02.2018 - 03.02.2018

     Palais des Congrès, 2 Place de la Porte Maillot, Paris,

IMCAS 2018 will be a particularly special homecoming, as we will be celebrating our 20th anniversary.

IMCAS 2018

Be part of this landmark event, as IMCAS marks two decades of being at the forefront of multi-specialty conferences dedicated to aesthetic science.

This year promises to be IMCAS’s most impressive Annual World Congress to date. A record 8000 delegates, from dermatology, plastic surgery, and related professions, will be seizing this exceptional opportunity to explore the hottest topics related to the medical aesthetic field.

Join us as we analyze innovative technical procedures, discover cutting edge products and devices, and explore up-to-the-minute marketing and management approaches. Our rich three-day program covers all the angles, so you return to your practice and patients with a complete picture of the latest advances in our domain.

In addition to hundreds of the world’s experts and innovators sharing their insights, IMCAS Annual World Congress will also host 250 international exhibiting companies. Join us to make valuable professional connections, while gaining up-to-the-minute knowledge of your field.




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2 Place de la Porte Maillot
75017 Paris


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7 rue de la Manutention
75116 Paris
+33 1 40 73 82 82
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  • Chirurgie plastica cosmetica
  • VDÄPC - Vereinigung der Deutschen Ästhetisch-Plastischen Chirurgen VDÄPC
  • ESCAD - European Society for Cosmetic and Aesthetic Dermatology ESCAD
  • BAAPS - British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons - BAAPS
  • SOFCEP - Société Française des Chirurgiens Esthétiques Plasticiens (SOFCEP)
  • SICPRE - Società Italiana di Chirurgia Plastica Ricostruttiva ed Estetica
  • AECEP - Asociación Española de Cirugía Estética Plástica
  • AICPE - Associazione Italiana di Chirurgia Plastica Estetica
  • ESLD - European Society for Laser Dermatology
  • GAERID - Gesellschaft für ästhetische und rekonstruktive Intimchirurgie Deutschland
  • ESAG - European Society of Aesthetic Gynecology